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DAQRI – The Augmented Reality Headset that Changes the Way it Works!

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DAQRI Smart Helmet

Augmented reality is going great guns with several companies on board inventing several gadgets to enhance the experience further than the others. The market is flooding with augmented reality headsets that are creating immersive visuals and content to support the gadget.

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The Top Five VR Headsets of 2015 Are Here!

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The Top Five VR Headsets of 2015

The virtual reality world is just becoming real in the real world. With the influx of VR headsets developed by several technology companies, the virtual world is soon expected to make headway in every sphere, be it marketing, gaming or any other.


Nokia Ozo – The Virtual Reality Camera that Redefines the Company?

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Nokia, the former handset maker recently announced a spherical virtual reality camera named the OZO in LA. The camera is a smooth and spherical unit with multiple bulging camera nodules resembling a bug-eyed look.

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Samsung collaborates with Oculus to venture into Virtual Reality

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samsung gear vr headset

Virtual Reality or VR as it is fondly known as, is the latest sensation in the world of Technology. The Rift from Oculus Virtual Reality company was the first virtual reality head-mounted display to be used mostly for 3D gaming purposes.