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Android Accessibility features by Google

Android Accessibility Features by Google that helps People with Hearing Loss

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Just earlier this week, Google announced two new features for Android phones. These are the Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier. Both these new features are designed as accessibility features. These will help people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

First Look of Twitter's New Beta App

First Look of Twitter’s New Beta App

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Twitter has established a name for itself as a platform that has given everyone a voice to speak up and give their opinions.

Google Assistant vs Alexa War: Google Assistant Hits 1 Billion Devices

Google Assistant VS Alexa War: Google Assistant to Hit 1 Billion Devices

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Every year, the CES event proves to be a ground for breakthrough innovators and technologies, and it has been doing this since last 50 years. It is a global stage where all the latest and next-generation innovations are showcased and officially introduced to the marketplace.

Google’s Fuchsia OS Confirmed To Support Android Apps

Google’s Fuchsia OS is Very Likely to Support Android Apps: Thanks to Android RunTime

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Recently, Google has been busy working on a new operating system called Fuschia. People have been long speculating that Fuschia, Google’s upcoming operating system will join the likes of Chrome OS in its support for Android apps. An update found in the Android Open Source Project has confirmed that. Now we can confirm that Fuschia will definitely be able to run Android apps using the Android Runtime.


Take Advantage of Google Assistant’s New Tools

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The personal assistant from the search engine giant- Google Assistant can perform several functions for you like setting alarms, answering questions, playing music and much more. Google Assistant turned two years old in October 2018.

Does Google Assistant Have The Potential To Take Over Our Lives?

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With every new Google I/O event, the tech giant is strengthening the grip it has on several aspects of our lives. Google had showcased certain features which are powered by artificial intelligence which are designed in a way that makes us more reliant on Google. Google is trying to fit into spaces in our daily lives. This way it’s not only filling the gaps, but also slowly oozing into a completely new territory. This is extremely difficult to escape.