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The LED Light Bulb Speaker – Sony’s Bright Idea and Innovation!

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LED Light Bulb Speaker

Lights and music form a time-tested combination and Sony has managed to combine both in one single product. With the launch of LED Light Bulb Speaker in Japan, here is a Bluetooth speaker that can be screwed into a light fitting and can provide your living space with sight and sound simultaneously.

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Cree Connected LED Bulbs – Solid Lighting Specs in a Connected Environment

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Cree Connected LED Bulbs

Cree has always been hesitant to add smart bulbs to its hot LED lineup but with the advent of the $15 Cree Connected LED, the wait is over. It boasts of lighting specs reminiscent to the Cree 4Flow LED Bulbs. You can pair it with a smart control hub and handle automated changes too.